Electric Mud – Quiet Days on Earth (Album Review)

Electric Mud – Quiet Days on Earth (Album Review)

July 4, 2020 3 By Echoes in Audio

Quiet Days on Earth is the latest studio album by Electric Mud, a post-progressive rock band from Germany, consisting of musicians Hagen Bretschneider and Nico Walser. This is the fourth album by the group, following up from their previous album ‘The Deconstruction of Light’ in 2018.

At 15 tracks spanning over 70 minutes, Quiet Days on Earth takes the listener on a relaxing and almost meditative journey through the music. There’s quite a variety of soundscapes on offer here, from ambient drones, delicate solo piano parts and Baroque inspired organ sections.

Tracks like adventures in a liquid world take you on a journey through a sprawling range of sounds and musical styles, seamlessly transitioning into a country folk section in the middle of the track with mandolin and acoustic guitars driving the music along, before blending into an outro with a melodic electric guitar lead.

I find that often when bands try and merge different styles and genres into the one album, this can feel quite incohesive and forced, however Electric Mud have not only managed to blend a variety of sounds into the one album, in this particular instance, they have managed this within the one track. An album within a track, if you will. It is very impressive to pull this off without an abrupt or disjointed feeling to the music.

Much of the album takes an approach of creating a vibe, with a lack of main instrumental lead part. That is by no means a criticism, as it allows all aspects of the sounds or instruments a chance to be appreciated and heard. Sound design and effects colour the tracks where needed, such as the blinding of the light, with metallic sounds swooping in from all sides, layering on top of the dark sounding, heavily distorted guitar parts.

Overall the album has been meticulously crafted, and the tracks really evoke a strong atmospheric feel that are cinematic in nature. This is an album that is definitely worth listening to – for fans of progressive rock and instrumental music alongside listeners of movie soundtracks.

Quiet Days on Earth is available to buy on CD, or stream and download from Electric Mud’s Bandcamp page – https://electricmud.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-days-on-earth

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